Nano-Micro Device Manufacturing Facility (NMDMF)

About us

The Nano-Micro Device Manufacturing Facility (NMDMF) aspires to be a leading hub for development and realisation of breakthrough technologies harnessing micro and nanofabrication. The facility aims to catalyse research excellence and enable commercial translation/scale-up for academic and industry partners. The support provided by NMDMF will enable users to process hard material (metals, composites and ceramics) and soft materials (polymers and biological material) and transform these into structures that have application in sensors, medical devices, nano-photonics and nano-electronics. The facility will use existing and upgraded infrastructure and expertise to accomplish this. NMDMF will play a significant role in the advancement of knowledge and technology and provide an important link in the innovation chain. The NMDMF will focus mainly on the following technologies:

  • Fabrication of flexible and low-cost nano-micro devices using printing techniques and including lateral flow devices.
  • Fabrication of nano-micro devices using high-end fabrication techniques such as silicon fabrication, nano-deposition, nano-manipulation and micro-device assembly.
  • Fabrication of thin films for solar cells and energy applications using film deposition



Facility Capabilities

  • Research
  • Design
  • Development
  • Prototyping

Facility Equipment

  • Cell culturing / incubation
  • Cell counting
  • Optical microscopes
  • Automated dispensing system
  • Sputter Deposition System
  • Gas sensing system
  • Advanced Printing
  • Clean room facility
  • Chemical labs


Nano-Micro Device Manufacturing Facility

Meiring Naude Rd, Bld 19B
Brummeria, Pretoria
South Africa, 0001

Tel: +27 12 841 2282

NMDMF Manager Dr Palesa Diale