NCNSM 2010 Conference

The 2010 workshop hosted by the National Centre for Nano-Structured Materials, was held at the CSIR International Convention Centre from 6-8 December 2010. The theme of the workshop centred on advanced materials and technologies, with the cross-cutting issues of energy and environmental concerns.

The conference was well attended by international guests, from various countries: India, Japan, USA, Italy, Greece and Germany. Staff and students from the CSIR were also represented, although a fairly small group was encouraged to ensure interaction and the fostering of collaboration between the parties.

The introductory presentations were given by Dr Mkhulu Mathe of the CSIR (click here for a copy)and Prof Suprakas Sinha Ray of the Centre. Each day was filled with presentations, including a panel discussion on the role South Africa can play to meet global energy and environmental challenges.

Posters were presented in the afternoon of 8 December. In total, 18 posters were presented, with the poster prizes being awarded to:

  • M Modibedi, T Mkwizu, K Ozoemena & M Mathe: Electrochemical atomic layer deposition of Pt nanostructures on fuel cells gas diffusion layers
  • U Stimming, C Rudiger, S Leonardi, F Wiesinger, O Paschos, F Di Fonzo, A Li Bassi, I Sharp & J Kunze: Reduced Compact and Nanotubular TiO2 in Energy Research
  • KT Roro, N Tile & A Forbes: Optical Properties of Selectively Absorbing C/NiO Nanocomposite Coatings

The workshop dinner was held at Moyo on the final evening, as per the pictures below:

conf conf1 conf3