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Available Instrumentation: Xray

The following instruments are available for external users to book and use, either with or without the help of an operator from the Centre. Please contact us on mward@csir.co.za for bookings.

Small and wide angle X-ray scattering BY SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT ONLY

Make: Anton Paar SAXS with line and point collimation 1 xray tube, 2 beam lines
CSIR / university price: R1400/hour for instrument operation and analysis
Industry price: R2800 per hour for instrument operation and analysis

Additional Information
[1] X-ray source: Sealed copper tube. X-ray generator: PW3830 from PANanalytical
[2] Operating voltage and current: 40KV and 50mA
[3] Wave length of Radiation: CuK? radiation (? = 0.1542 nm)
[4] Detector: imaging plate
[5] Operating temperature: Room temperature (~21°C) – 300°C
[6] 2? range: 0.108°- 40°
[7] q range: 0.077 nm-1 – 27 nm-1
[8] Sample dimension: Thin film of dimension 20 x 7 x 0.3 mm is preferable. Fine powder to fill paste cell which has dimension like capillary

Xray Diffraction

Make: PANalytical X’Pert PRO
CSIR / university price: R300/sample for standard experimental conditions.
Industry price: R600/sample using standard experimental conditions.

Additional Information
[1] X-ray source: Cu-tube
[2] operating V&I = 45kV 40mA [3] Wavelength of Ni-filtered Cu K-alpha radiation = 0’154nm
[4] Detector: pixcel
[5] only at room temperature
[6]2 theta = 1 – 156 degrees
[7] i) fine powder, ii) 1.2 – 2mm thick 25 mm diameter compression moulded disk, iii) thin compression moulded sheet
[8] sample shouldn’t contain