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Available Instrumentation: Xray

The following instruments are available for external users to book and use, either with or without the help of an operator from the Centre. Please contact Solly Motaung at smotaung@csir.co.za for bookings.

Small and wide angle X-ray scattering BY SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT ONLY

Make: Anton Paar SAXS with line and point collimation 1 xray tube, 2 beam lines
CSIR / university price: R1400/hour for instrument operation and analysis
Industry price: R2800 per hour for instrument operation and analysis

Additional Information
[1] X-ray source: Sealed copper tube. X-ray generator: PW3830 from PANanalytical
[2] Operating voltage and current: 40KV and 50mA
[3] Wave length of Radiation: CuK? radiation (? = 0.1542 nm)
[4] Detector: imaging plate
[5] Operating temperature: Room temperature (~21°C) – 300°C
[6] 2? range: 0.108°- 40°
[7] q range: 0.077 nm-1 – 27 nm-1
[8] Sample dimension: Thin film of dimension 20 x 7 x 0.3 mm is preferable. Fine powder to fill paste cell which has dimension like capillary

Xray Diffraction

Make: PANalytical X’Pert PRO
CSIR / university price: R300/sample for standard experimental conditions.
Industry price: R600/sample using standard experimental conditions.

Additional Information
[1] X-ray source: Cu-tube
[2] operating V&I = 45kV 40mA [3] Wavelength of Ni-filtered Cu K-alpha radiation = 0’154nm
[4] Detector: pixcel
[5] only at room temperature
[6]2 theta = 1 – 156 degrees
[7] i) fine powder, ii) 1.2 – 2mm thick 25 mm diameter compression moulded disk, iii) thin compression moulded sheet
[8] sample shouldn’t contain