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Available Instrumentation: Scanning Probe

The following instruments are available for external users to book and use, either with or without the help of an operator from the Centre. Please contact Solly Motaung at smotaung@csir.co.za for bookings.

Atomic Force Microscope

Make: Digital instruments Nanoscope, Veeco, MMAFMLN-AM (Multimode)
CSIR / university price: R850/hour
Industry price: R1700/hour

Additional Information

Spec: AFM provides atomic resolution images of both conducting and non-conducting surfaces in 3D using a sharp tip attached at far end of the cantilever. The maximum scan area is 120µm x 120µm and the maximum sample roughness should be less than 7µm. It has three modes which are employed for imaging: Contact Mode, Tapping Mode and Non-Contact Mode. It can image the morphology, measure the roughness and particle size. Magnetic Force Microscopy can also be performed.

Sample Stage:
Maximum Sample Size: 1x1cm,
Maximum Sample Height: 3mm