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Available Instrumentation: Other

The following instruments are available for external users to book and use, either with or without the help of an operator from the Centre. Please contact Solly Motaung at smotaung@csir.co.za for bookings.


CSIR / university price: R650/hour.
Industry price: R1300/hour

BET surface area analyser

CSIR / university price: R350/sample
Industry price: R700/sampe

Four point probe semi-conductor characterisation

Make: Keithley Mode 4200 SCS with CASCADE Microtech Probes

CSIR / university price: R250/sample.
Industry price: R500/sample

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)

CSIR / university price: R650/run.
Industry price: R1100/run

iCone Calorimeter

CSIR / university price: R750/hour.
Industry price: R1500/hour

Sample Disposal

CSIR / university price: R150/sample.
Industry price: R300/sample