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Available Instrumentation: Image Forming

The following instruments are available for external users to book and use, either with or without the help of an operator from the Centre. Please contact Solly Motaung at SMotaung@csir.co.za for bookings.

Scanning Electron Microscope

Make: JEOL- JSM 7500F Scanning Electron Microscope
CSIR / university price: R650/hour.
Industry price: R1300/hour

Additional Information
Spec: The JSM-7500F offers the highest resolution at the lowest kV of any SEM available, achieving a resolution of 1.4 nm at 1 kV. It provides in-lens performance (0.6 nm at 30 kV) but can handle samples up to 200 mm in diameter x 10 mm height. The JSM-7500F is highly resistant to floor vibration and acoustic noise and is well suited for difficult installation requirements. The entirely new user interface is designed to facilitate operation for those inexperienced in FE SEM, and the new Economy Mode (stand-by with scheduling) can save from 25% to 55% in energy consumption.


LABe™* Low angle backscatter imaging (* patent pending); Eliminates charging effects; Allows for low kV backscattered electron imaging; Provides more surface detail & compositional contrast
Image Automation – allows 4 different signals to be simultaneously viewed with 16 bit imaging
r-Filter – allows variable energy filtering of secondary electrons and backscattered electrons
GB mode – pro/bvides extreme images at very low accelerating voltage; Automatic specimen exchange (option); Retractable in-lens BEI detector; 5 axis motor stage control with specimen movement protection
XPS – Physical Electronics Quantum 2000 Scanning ESCA microprobe. Base vacuum during all analyses < 10E-9 Torr. X-ray source: Monochromated Al (Ka), 1486,6 eV

Focused-Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscope

Make: Model: Auriga Cobra FIB FESEM
CSIR / university price: R1100/hr for FIB milling, R650/hr for SEM imaging
Industry price: R2200/hr for FIB milling, R1300/hr for SEM imaging,

Additional Information
Spec: The FIB-SEM can be used for SEM imaging, TEM lamella preparation, milling, cross-sectioning and imaging with either FIB or SEM. The instrument also has a charge compensation system which is used when imaging non-conductive samples or insulating materials without coating, as well as the STEM detector and Energy and Angle Selective EsB detector that allows an almost pure compositional image to be obtained by filtering out unwanted surface information. It also has kliendiek micromanipulator which is used for transferring the prepared lamella to the TEM grid and further characterize with the STEM without breaking the vacuum or taking the sample out.

Polarised Optical Microscope

Make: Zeiss axiovisson microscope with Linkam heating stage (THMS 600)

CSIR / university price: R350/hour at room temperature, R650/hour using heating stage
Industry price: R700/hour at room temperature, R1300/hour using heating stage

Additional Information
Spec: [1] Operation mode: Bright field / polarised transmitted / reflected light
[2] Temperature: Room temperature – 600°C
[3] Maximum heating rate: 30°C / min ; cooling rate (best) up to 100C/min
[4] Sample dimension for test with transmitted light: Very thin compression moulded sheet
[5] Environment: Air

Transmission Electron Microscope

Make: JEOL-Jem 2100
CSIR / university price: R650/hour
Industry price: R1300/hour

Additional Information
Spec: Leica EMFC6 (LN2 attachment) ~ 70nm to 200nm either at room temp or with LN2